A conscious community devoted to unleashing empowering connections

365 days a year, from anywhere - 

a space to create tangible leads and

inspiring connections.  

The Purpose Space, a digital networking slack platform of genuine humans connecting on holistic approaches and development.

It is a space to bring people together to connect from all over the world while building relationships that last a lifetime and create business opportunities.


We share tips, professional advice, development, accountability buddies, motivation, opportunities, discounts on retreats and coaching, health coach, and much more.


It is a space to discover more of yourself through others. 

Ready to join? Find out how now. 




€32 euros per month. 

In this digital era, we can still connect on a one-on-one level. 

When you sign up for The Purpose Space, you will be invited to our private online network where people from around the world share advice, resources, and job opportunities. You will also receive access to upcoming retreats, workshops, webinars, articles, job postings, and more.

Did we mention that it is only €32 ?

We share these community values:

Radical Collaboration & Exponential Growth

Authenticity & Courageous Transformations

 Natural and Holistic Living

Conscious Business Creation

Tangible Solutions 

Intentional Conversations

True Holistic Wellbeing 

Empowerment through community

Positive Energetic Exchanges

Freedom of Judgments 

To embody these values of inclusion is to wholeheartedly live. 
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If you are looking to connect and network with a community of purpose driven humans, our online network is for you. Our curated creators from around the world have come together in this digital era to share tools, resources, opportunities, advice and lots of real and honest personal experiences in their personal transformation processes. 


Our platform is designed to empower you with purpose and connect you into a higher success. Meditations, energetic upgrades, workshops and classes will leave you enriched and with a deeper understanding about yourself and others. Fill your calendar with both online and in-person opportunities that will get you ahead in your true core and business.


Meet new people in your city, pencil in new coffee + tea dates, and co-create with like-minded individuals. You never know who you might be in your passing. You make the most out of these connections.


We encourage our community members to join forces in-person once a year to retreat and co-create in blue-zones. We believe in this digital era but also still see the depths and art in physical gathering. 


Our network of like-minded individuals use each others services to create content and job opportunities for each other. We believe in the value of collaboration and monetary exchange.


Together, we are sharing each others work and purpose, co-creating new opportunities in ways that are unthought of, thereby creating a new archetype of sustainable and creative economy. The Purpose Space is also a space for you to show up with your ideas and gifts and test them in a safe space while getting valuable feedback on your services.

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