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founder | empowerment coach

Greta’s powerful energy supports the process of transformation while connecting deeply with people.


Greta is a catalyzer and her energy is contagious.

Previously to her entrepreneurial career, Greta has worked and managed (start-up) teams and its operations in Denmark, Italy and Germany. As a global citizen she speaks five languages and has an empathetic understanding for cultural nuances.


Besides entrepurpose, she has also founded luxurious simplicity for the love of beautiful places.

Today she coaches founders and managers to build high-performing teams by being mindful leaders. She also coaches individuals to executing on their unique superpowers to live a fulfilled and purpose-full life.

Greta is the soul of the retreats, she facilitates workshops on purpose, abundance mindset and conscious business. She also leads meditation and yoga classes.


 brand coach

Victoria is a multi-genre writer specializing in building brand identities, a content creator with an itch for travel, a non-fiction prose scribbler and word artist rambling around the world.


Victoria is the founder + storyteller MAYSEA, a boutique brand studio crafting authentic designs as an aim for social impact. Founder of Cultivated Connections - a space for creative writing and expression. Founder at The MAYSEA Movement - a non profit organization devoted to creating inspiring educational spaces for children in developing countries and immersion experiences in the raw. 

For ENTREPURPOSE, she assists in developing a creative content  that brings clarity and flow to visions. During retreats, Victoria hosts workshops on personalized branding + development and offers one-on-one brand coaching. 

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