Glow-Getter Edition

Dive into a luxurious retreat to rebalance your professional life and personal wellbeing while connecting with like-minded women and inner joy.
Being a glow-getter is about balancing personal wellbeing with business:
Women, health, cycle, hormone functioning understanding and balancing, nutrition + cooking, fitness, sisterhood.

We will also focus on other topics such as Feminine vs Masculine,
self-worth, body shame, reclaiming our voice, connection with intuition, sexuality
Join us, you wonder woman!

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Enter into a deep conversation with your soul and learn how to tap into your intuition to manifest your higher vision.


Allow yourself to be and the abundance within you to unfold. 

Learn how to heal and support your body and soul with food and plant-based medicine. Balance your hormones, elevate up your energy, and set up for success and fulfillment.

Learn how to truly own your unique combination of superpowers to hack the way you do work. Maximize productivity, execute and monetize your passions.


  • Female go-getters juggling multiple jobs with an entrepreneurial mindset, who want to tap into their unlimited source of energy to  elevate to their next level in business and life.

  • Purpose seekers who aren’t feeling at home in their bodies and want to break through imbalances to liberate their higher selves and unleashing their full potential.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to step up their self-care game and show up to their team and customers as the best version of themselves.


WORKSHOPS ON Purpose & Clarity, Plant Medicine, Self-leadership, Personal Branding, Abundance & Manifestation  


TALKS ON  Wholeness: Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energies 



Our transformative workshops are designed to empower you on all levels giving you the most tangible tools, blueprints, and mindset shifts needed to take inspired action to reach your next level whether in life and business. 

FOOD  Deep Detox & Toxic-Free Living


Nutritious Breakfasts & Cozy Dinner Gatherings 

COOKING CLASS  for Hormone-balance


MINDFULNESS morning yoga flow + kundalini meditations to raise your energy


FITNESS Coaching Hikes & Beach Stretching

Blissfully start your day with a morning yoga session overlooking the sea. Practice self-love and soul connection. 

Movements to raise your energy and nurture your body and mind.


At the retreat you reset, reconnect and reignite. 

There is enough space and time for your to be with yourself, journal, read, swim and gaze at the mesmerizing view and sunsets.  

We carefully curate the group of women ensuring a beautiful energy and safe space. Get excited to making deep connections and access a community that will support you long after the retreat.  

06. Okt., 17:00 – 10. Okt., 10:00
villa orchestra | luxurious simplicity,
Torre Delle Stelle (Maracalagonis) CA, Italy

Your Hosts During 5 Days in Paradise

Greta Grace 

Purpose & Business Coach & Entrepreneur

Greta's superpower and mission is to see your uniqueness and reflect it back, leaving you uplifted, empowered and beautiful. 


Greta is a true glow-getter: her passion for gathering in retreats goes back to 2015 when she founded luxurious simplicity Her personal search for fulfilment combined with her entrepreneurial drive, led her to develop Entrepurpose in 2018. 

Greta will lead workshops, lead kundalini sessions and inspire with her story about how she combines the Feminine and the Masculine energies to live a fulfilled and balanced love and work life.

You can book Greta for a private 1:1 soul reading session and create your personalised soul-aligned routine. 


van de Vorst 

Women's health coach & nutritionist



Laura is a certified functional nutritionist, hormone expert, women’s health biohacker, entrepreneur and trilingual speaker.

She's the founder and spokesperson of healthcoachFX and the creator of Female Cycle Superpowers.

Today she helps women who are suffering from hormone imbalances. She has empowered thousands of women across the globe to take back their life and activate their wildest dreams.

During this retreat, she’ll teach you everything she knows about women's health, nutrition, stress relief, inner balance, hormones and using food and plants as your medicine.

Victoria Lazarou

Storyteller + Humanitarian

Victoria is the founder of MAYSEA Studio and MAYSEA Movement. She is a multi-genre writie specializing in building brand identities, a content creator with an itche for human-centered experiences, a non-fiction prose scribbler and word artist rambling somewhere around the world. 

Her contribution with Entrepurpose started in 2018 working on brand and community development with Greta and now attending retreats, co-living, and the digital community as a creative contributor providing branding and photography services. 

Dream Location | Sardinia, Italy

Photo: @goldenhourpictures
AIRPORT: Cagliari Airport (Elmas Airport)
Torre delle Stelle, Sardinia, Italy
(You can book a private & convenient shuttle to the location) 


The best investment is in yourself because it has the highest return.

This experience is not only a moment to recharge yourself, it will leave your with more energies and tangible tools, techniques & know-how that will accelerate your personal & professional growth unlike any other experience.

Dare to excel and set up for success for this new decade. 


These are the investment options - pick yours!

Retreat Tickets

Private room €4.500

RECOMMENDED  - Shared room €2.600

BONUS: 2 months free access to the Purpose Space

Retreat + Coaching

36 empowerment coaching sessions + 5 days glow-getter retreat (shared room)

BEST VALUE € 5.900 

You save €660 with this offer

BONUS: 2 months free access to the Purpose Space

Friend option

Bring your friend, mom or daughter and stay in a luxurious double-bed suite with private bathroom 


Shared room with Friend €2.300 each

You save €600 with this offer

BONUS: 2 months free access to digital Purpose Space for both


06. Okt., 17:00
villa orchestra | luxurious simplicity
The community is carefully curated to ensure highest alignment between participants allowing for intimate connections and networking opportunities. 
Please apply to join by filing out this assessment questionnaire.
We'll e in touch with you for a personal call. 
We look forward to welcoming go-getter women in paradise!

Listen to Lena Bradaric, Winner of the German Basketball Championsleague and Founder of Deutsche Basketball Akademie, about her Glow-Getter Experience

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