Community Living 

A co-living co-working experience to come together, ask the relevant questions and multiply our impact while enjoying the simple things.

A week-long personal & professional accelerator
on the blue zone island of ​Sardinia, Italy
October 12-18 2020
Photo: @goldenhourpictures
The second of its kind.
A transformative living experience designed
to create prosperity through radical collaboration while growing personally and professionally to unprecedented levels.  
What are the values of community living?
Radical Collaboration & Exponential Growth
Authenticity & Courageous Transformations
Holistic Lifestyle Living
Tangible Solutions 
Intentional Conversations
Healthy Happy Holy Wellbeing
Empowerment through community
Energetic Exchanges
Freedom of Judgments 
To embody these values of inclusion is to wholeheartedly live. 
Photo: @goldenhourpictures

A place to become more visible to ourselves and to others. 

A catalyzer for humanness and accelerator

for personal and business growth. 

It’s a safe place to show up with our gift and superpower and be acknowledged by others for it.

This is an invitation for those looking to connect with like-minded peers. 
This is for the ones who understand the power of community and collaboration.

Those who understand that by placing themselves in the right environment and surround themselves with emotionally and intellectually motivated people,

they'll experience exponential growth.

co-living in blue-zone Sardinia
12. Okt. 2020, 15:00
villa tre palme | luxurious simplicity



  • Daily nutritious food mainly gluten, lactose and sugar free 

  • Snacks, fresh seasonal fruit, water, coffee, tea and juices 24/7

  • daily inspirational dinner gatherings 

  • Warning: #foodgasm 


  • Shared room single beds

  • 1 single room

  • 1 suite with private terrace + private bathroom

  • Towels and bed linen 

  • Laundry service 

  • 2 living rooms

  • 7 terraces

  • 180° sea view & sound


  • Daily mindfulness practices

  • Swim in the sea 

  • Sunshine re-charging

  • Use of 4 mountainbikes

  • Access to 2 sandy beaches 15 minutes walking distance

  • Use of sunbeds 

  • Practice of being

  • Magical sunsets


  • Wireless internet

  • Outdoor & indoor workspace

  • Infinity pool

  • Direct access to the sea

  • Yoga mats

  • Outdoor showers 


  • Private chef

  • Laundry service 

  • Weekly Room service

  • Daily cleaning of common spaces


  • Complementary: Purpose clarity session

  • Complementary Business strategy coaching session

  • Complementary Photo shooting & personal branding

  • Get feedback on your services, products, ideas


  • Table-Talks on pressing topics and our solutions

  • peer coaching 

  • Access to a library of books in 4 languages 

  • Empowerment through community

  • Ask your pressing questions in a safe environment


  • Dinner gatherings

  • Swimming, hiking, yoga Pizza making dinner

  • Plant medicine workshop 

  • Celebration night

  • Dancing

  • 1 night out at a local restaurant (at own expenses) 


Recharge your mind and relax your body 
Increase motivated and physical activity 
Meaningful conversations and the exchange of ideas with conscious humans 
Peaceful surrounding with  180° sea view 
Re-charging through sunshine
Inspiration to try out new things
Live in abundance
You are location independent and can live this beautiful freedom lifestyle from anywhere. 
You enjoy a safe space where everything is taken care of, your bed is made, your food is freshly prepared and served, and like-minded people are all gathered in one place.
You would like to learn from others on the same level and work differently.
You love beautiful luxurious places and want to surround yourself with conscious humans. 



Show up in your most vulnerable and authentic way

Drop the bullshit and be raw and real

Show up confidently and share idea in a collaborative place

Drop your scarcity mindset and tap into an abundance mindset 

Expose your willingness to confront challenging questions that allow you to grow and help others grow

Work on your soul and life vision through meaningful conversations with purpose-driven humans.

Grow personally and professionally by creating bigger impact in the world. Abundantly.

Co-living is about giving and receiving - it's the radical understanding of collaboration over competition. 


It invites emotionally intelligent humans with soul and purpose that consciously choose to act and work from a heart centered place.

What's your pressing topic? Share your story and contribution here.



Location & Accommodation

Photo: @goldenhourpictures